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National Business Bank Statement Loan Program

By opening access to innovate capital resources, new financial options are available to consumers, which provide for a more flexible, more powerful and a more valuable asset. 

The emergence of he secondary market has created an option for the consumer to capture the value in their bank statements and put that value to the best use possible.  By utilizing the cash flow of the business, as opposed to evaluating the ability of repayment through personal credit history and tax returns, the business owner can access capital without going through the traditional underwriting process and obtain fast funding.

Building business credit is one of the smartest choices for a business owner.  Over 90 million companies in the United States have a credit profile that is used to leverage their purchasing power and sustain cash flow.  Good business credit is the lifeline for any esablished or start-up company in today's economy.


Announcing the National Business Bank Statement Loan Program

Since the mortgage collapse of 2008, banks still continue to be very strict when it comes to giving business loans. Many small business do not meet the underwriting requirements of traditional lenders, particularly for those that have less than outstanding credit. Some banks do require some type of collateral to secure the repayment of the loan, not to mention the endless paperwork such as business tax returns, personal tax returns, profit and loss statements, business plans etc. In most cases, these documents are not readily available and will most likely have to be prepared by a CPA. In times of emergencies, when funding is needed quickly, this process can be tedious and time consuming, usually 30-60 days.

Fortunately, our program is willing to take chances on the small business owner who may run into short-term financial problems. For example, a company may do 
significantly more business over the holidays resulting in large payoffs at the end of the year, however the company must have enough working capital to buy inventory and cover payroll during the off-season as well, when revenues are lower.


The National Business Bank Statement Loan program offers working capital loans ranging from $5,000 TO $500,000 in as fast as 5 days, without the requirement of tax returns. Higher loan amounts are available at maximum limit of $5 million with additional documentation required.  The highlight of the program is we do not focus on your personal credit history, but on the cash flow of your business by way of three months most recent bank statements.

Do you need working capital for?

Expansion                                     Inventory

Short-term liabilities                      Emergencies in Business Operations

Marketing Campaigns                  Delays in Insurance Reimbursement

Payroll                                          Taxes

Cash Flow Issues


All we need are the answers to "5 SIMPLE QUESTIONS"

1. Have you bee in business more than 1 year?

2. Do you own 50% of the business?

3. Do you have a minimum credit score of 500?

4. Do you make a minimum of 5 bank deposits per month?

5. Do you have three months most recent bank statements?


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