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Live for today

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Federal National Funding

Federal National Funding is a full-service financial advisory institution. Our focus is to empower our clients with customized financial solutions. With over 20 years of experience, our extensive training provides your advisor with the knowledge required to evaluate your circumstances and offer a personalized plan of action giving you peace of mind.


We welcome you to navigate through our website and utilize the financial tools provided. 

Visit the "PROGRAMS" section and get pre-qualified with no obligation. 


Our industry sectors of expertise include:


  • Business Loans- Revolving Line of Credit, Equipment Finance, Government Contractor Financing, Medical Industry Financing
  • Eldercare Advisory- Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility
  • Insurance- Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Business
  • Medicaid Long-Term Care- Nursing home/ Home-based Care
  • Medicare- Hospital, Doctors, Prescriptions, Dental Plans
  • Real Estate Finance - Residential, Commercial, Hard Money/Rehab/Private Money, Construction Line of Credit
  • Retirement Planning- Fixed Annuities, Individual Retirement Accounts, 
  • Veterans Benefits- Veteran Entitlements, VA Loan programs and Spousal/Widow Benefits



At Federal National Funding, we follow the "Three S's" approach to investing;


Safety of Principal:

We only utilize institutions where preservation of principal is the fundamental objective.


Securing the Best Possible Return:

We analyze banks and other leading financial institutions throughout the country to find the best possible return for our clients


Security of Mind

We want to help simplify your life. This is not a time to worry about finances or retirement income, so we recommend accounts predictable in terms of  preservation of principal, rate of return and guaranteed income such as certificates of deposit, fixed annuities and savings accounts.


Our website was developed to educate you about the basic concepts of financial management. You will find a wealth of information in the form of newsletters, articles, financial calculators, research reports and educational videos. We hope you take advantage of these resources and visit Federal National Funding often.


Advice may include all aspects of a client's financial situation.