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Federal National Funding is a financial services organization focused on the needs of retired individuals and businesses. We specialize in protecting assets,achieving investment objectives, reducing taxes, business financing, Individual Retirement Accounts ( IRAs),.and Federal Employee Retirement Planning. Our objective is to provide financial instruments that give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your retirement

At Federal National Funding, we follow the "Three P's" approach to investing:

Preservation of Principal:
We only utilize institutions where preservation of principle is the fundamental objective.

Providing the Best Possible Return:
We analyze banks and other leading financial institutions throughout the country to find the best possible return for our clients.

Peace of Mind
We want to help simplify your life. This is not a time to worry about finances, so we reccomend accounts that are predictable in terms of preservation of principal and rate of return such as certificates of deposit, savings accounts, and fixed annuities. 
All bank accounts are FDIC Insured.

We are a National Correspondent for a government- sponsored insured program offering CD's (Certificate of Deposit) and non-recourse conventional commercial loans, government contract financing,  business bank statement loans and  financial advisory services to businesses and retirees.

We are fully committed to:

  • Listening to our clients!
  • Helping clients understand their options
  • Helping clients achieve their financial goals through careful, thoughtful, and prudent planning
  • Providing highly-personalized service
  • Creating and Preserving Wealth
  • Expanding our expertise through continuing education 
We would be delighted to help you achieve your financial goals.

Advice is based solely on each client's specific situations and goals. Advice may include all aspects of a client's financial situation. 

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